Classic Valentine's Gifts

Perhaps the most dangerous purchase you’ll make this year, the Valentine’s gift is different from a birthday or Christmas present because it’s the only offering given strictly as a sign of affection. This makes it the easiest gift to screw up, so try these timeless gift suggestions. The life you save may be your own.

Casually Dating

You’re playing with explosives here. Give her a card when she’s expecting jewelry and she’ll think you’re afraid of commitment; give her a diamond when she’s expecting flowers and you may be moving too fast. Stick to the basics:

Box of chocolate—Quality confections set in a fancy wrap job.
Bouquet of flowers—The wise man knows that flowers are always better than plants. Go to a florist, explain your relationship, and let the salesperson help you pick.
Perfume—Buy what she likes, even if it’s not your favorite. Buy her another brand of perfume and she’ll think you associate it with another woman.
Book of poetry—"Leaves of Grass" has pretty much been ruined forever, but Byron, Frost, Keats or the Bard will never let you down.
Romantic video—Go to the video store, find the movie you’d least like to rent and buy that.


She’s got a toothbrush and at least one change of clothes at your place and your "guy’s nights out" often include her. Time to face it, you’re exclusive.

Truffles—A step above the usual box of chocolates.
Dozen roses—There’s not a woman alive who doesn’t melt at the site of a bouquet of long-stems.
Framed picture of you two—Says that you’re committed to the relationship and that you want to show the world you're a couple.
Theater tickets—Be sure to get a card to hold the tix. Women like that, for some reason.
Spa gift certificate—Tells her that you think she’s worth a day of decadence and relaxation. As an added bonus, you don’t have to go with her.


The most common mistakes newlyweds make is to think that Valentine’s day no longer matters. Wrong! It’s more important than ever because if she’s miffed by the gift, she’s not going to run home to sulk about it—she’ll be sulking right in front of you. For a long time.

Orchids—The undisputed champion of all flowers. Expensive, rare and beautiful.
Diamonds or gold— Let’s face it, a woman will never be disappointed with a gem or precious metal. Expensive, sure, but with jewelry you’ll know you did well.
Silk sheets—A great gift to keep the embers glowing. Surprise her by making up the bed before she gets home...and the next morning.
B&B getaway—A chance for you both to relax and get romantic.
Book: 101 Nights of Great Sex—The gift that keeps on giving.

The Other Woman

Unless she’s living in denial, she should know that your relationship is purely about sex, so buy appropriately.

Lacy lingerie—She’ll look good and you’ll reap the rewards.
Book of erotica—Something to read aloud to warm up before that afternoon delight.
Sensual kit—From flavored oils to personal massagers, these little kits will be enjoyed by both of you for months to come.
Sexy videos—Now’s the time for something a little more risqué.
Bath & body gift basket—Soaps, powders, oils—perfect for a sensual, candlelit evening in the tub.

Bruce Ryan