Prosper: PowerPoint/Impress-like presentation design in LyX/LaTeX

Commentar: The prosper class permits producing high quality slides; it is also easily extendable. This class is already included in lyx-layout, which mean presentation can directly from LyX (with Acrobat Reader). The knowledge of LaTeX-Tag is not necessary needed to compose the slide with prosper. The LaTeX package was created by Frédéric Goualard and LyX layout by Dekel Tsur.

Download a complete packages with a simple how-to for installing prosper in LyX/LaTeX (0.8 Mb)

Figure 1: Style blends

Figure 2: Style clean

Figure 3: Style frames

Figure 4: Style gyom

Figure 5: Style rico

Figure 6: Style alienglow

Figure 7: Style autumn

Figure 8: Style azure

Figure 9: Style contemporain

Figure 10: Style darkblue

Figure 11: Style lignesbleues

Figure 12: Style troispoints