Using program units

units is a program that can be used to calculate or to convert any types of units. This program is free software under GNU General Public Lisence written by Adrian Mariano.


$ units <RETURN>
$ units -h
(when need help)

$ units
2112 units, 59 prefixes

You have:
--> type any kind of units, for example kg (Kilogram)

You have: kg
You want: g (example)
        * 1000
        / 0.001

Other examples

You have: 20*ozt (example, you have 20 oz of gold)
You want: g
        * 622.06954
        / 0.0016075373

To calculate molecular weight of chemical compound, ex. CaCO3

You have: calcium+carbon+3*oxygen
You want:
(leave blank then <RETURN>)
        * 100.0872

See the units database for more detail...

[iww] July, 2001